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Can You Straighten Them Doc ?

Teeth can be straightened at any age. The size of teeth and how they fit into a person's jaw are inherited traits. Some people are lucky and naturally have straight teeth. Others aren't so lucky. Also, habits like thumb-sucking can also put pressure on teeth and cause a malocclusion


The Procedure

Missing teeth can cause a bad bite to develop, as well; the teeth around a space will shift, throwing off the entire bite. Until the 1980's, a steel band went around each individual tooth like a ring. The wire that pulled the teeth into line was attached to a little bracket on the front of the steel bands. This looked like a mouth full of metal! Fortunately, today these bands have been replaced with brackets that are bonded with an adhesive right to the front of the teeth. They're much more comfortable, smaller than an unpopped popcorn kernel, and much less noticeable than the bands.



Clear sapphire brackets are also available, but they'reusually more expensive and tougher to keep clean. It's harder to clean your teeth once braces are on, so regular cleaning appointments will be more important than ever. Permanent white stains may form on teeth if plaque isn't removed regularly.


Keep Aligned

After treatment, retainers are used to hold the teeth in their new alignment. Some retainers are designed to be removable, while others are cemented in place. A malocclusion that isn't corrected can really affect a person's profile and appearance. It may also contribute to tooth decay, bone destruction, jaw joint problems, and headaches. Correcting your bite through orthodontic treatment can improve your dental health. It's nice to know that with orthodontic treatment you're never too old to improve your smile and the health of your mouth.


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