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The View

By using intra-oral cameras (small cameras that go into the mouth), extra-oral digital cameras (to take pictures from the outside looking inside the mouth), and digital x-rays, the patient can look on a computer screen and understand his/her dental needs. New Technology allows for the enlargement of images to help explain to the patient where the problem is and how the dentist can fix it than by asking the patient to look at a tiny x-ray.


The Benefits

Besides the educational benefit to the dental patient, this technology will also help patients in other ways. It will definitely be to the patient's advantage as more and more dentists get involved in using the new technology through imaging and using the Internet to transfer information. General dentists and specialists will be able to transfer information electronically, so a patient's records, x-rays and other images will be easily and quickly exchanged if a patient needs to see a specialist or if the patient moves. Some dentists are already exchanging information electronically. The high-tech equipment is coming down in price, so it will be more affordable for many dentists to incorporate into their practices. Also, some insurance companies are now requesting that patients x-rays be sent electronically for evaluation.


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