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We treat smiles of all ages. As a family dentistry practice we are able to provide all phases and disciplines of dentistry for all ages.


Cosmetic Services

All-Porcelain Crowns
It takes two appointments to restore your teeth with a crown. That's because a crown is custom-crafted in a dental laboratory to precisely fit your tooth. [more]


Bonding, the application of a tooth coloured plastic (composite resin) on stained or damaged teeth, can make a dramatic change to the colour and/or shape of your teeth in only one office visit. [more]

Malocclusion is the dental term for teeth that don't fit together properly. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that corrects malocclusions. [more]

An implant is a metal cylinder, surgically inserted into the bone of the upper or lower jaw. A crown or modified denture may be attached to the implant. [more]


Porcelain Veneers
You can think of porcelain veneers as the false fingernails of dentistry. They are custom made "shells" bonded to the front of discoloured, uneven or damaged teeth to create a bright, healthy smile. [more]

Precision Partial
Upper or lower dentures usually are the best solution for persons with no teeth. In situations where many teeth are missing, but the remaining teeth are stable and healthy, a removable partial denture may be recommended. [more]

White Fillings
Silver and gold fillings used to be your only choices for fillings, especially for back teeth. Today, silver fillings can be replaced with tooth-colored fillings for a much more natural look. [more]


All dental whitening involves the application of a whitening agent to the teeth. Power Whitening, is often used in conjunction with take-home whitening procedures. [more]



Nitrous Oxide

Power Whitening

Diode Lasers

Digital X Ray System
A digital X-ray (radiography) system can shoot a picture of your teeth, then almost immediately show it to you on a computer monitor while you are in the dental chair. [more]


High Tech Intraoral Camera
The biggest benefit of using high-tech imaging is that the patient can actually see what the dentist is describing. [more]


Multimedia Education
Dental patients have turned into savvy dental consumer who wants to be part of any treatment decision. And dentists have had to become patient educators. [more]

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